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So what is happening with the big phosphate project in Guinea Bissau, the small former colony that won its independence from Portugal in 1974? The government has been overthrown and - once again - the army is in control of the country from the capital, Bissau.

The military junta said it will wait two years before handing back fully power to civilians.

When similar action was taken in Mali just a few weeks ago to remove the government in Bamako, most of the mining and exploration companies operating in that country made statements to the Toronto, Australian or London stock exchanges on the status of their projects after the military coup by the Malian army. Most sent out follow-up reports as the impact of the Mali coup become more apparent.

But so far Plains Creek Phosphate Corp. (TSX:PCP) has not issued any report to the Toronto exchange. Of course it may not yet know how its agreement with the former government will be affected.

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